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  • Folds up and fits in a small space when not in use making it perfect for a small space.
  • Comes with the dryer system, will help you dry clothes easily and faster
  • Quiet operation
  • Quick dry without damage from spin drying
  • Ideal for delicate clothes
  • Will also dry caps, shoes, hats, gloves, leathers and more
  • Size when opened : 45 x 45 x 85 CM
  • Allow 10 working days for delivery

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  • •Deal applies online only
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Deal Information

Laundromats are places that make a ton of money out of other people’s lack of time and space. Truth be told, however, with a little creativity and planning, you can actually get rid of that extra cost. Air your laundry even when indoors with today’s Deal.


Clothes drying has always been an easy task if you have enough space and time in your hands. In life, however, these two things aren’t always readily available. Sometimes you’ve already planned an outfit the night before only to find that it’s still drying on your clothes rack the next day, or maybe you’re staying in a condominium with no space for you to dry your garments. This is where the Portable Clothes Dryer comes in handy. It’s foldable, takes up little space, and could dry your clothes in a jiffy. All you need is to assemble the bag and hang your clothes inside, plug in the hot air pump at the base, zip up the bag and turn on the dryer.


Get the Portable Clothes Dryer and dry all your clothes from delicate baby clothes to work pants with today’s offer.





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