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Appliance Trolley

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  • Adjustable & Movable
  • Holds up to 138kgs
  • Maximum Stretch up to 56cm x 56cm
  • Wheels can be locked to stop movement
  • Place your washing machine, refrigerator, cabinet or even air-conditioner on this Heavy Duty Special Base
  • For easy moving and cleaning of large appliances & objects.
  • Please allow 10 days for delivery

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  • Limited number available
  • Deal applies online only
  • For product queries email:
  • Picture is a display of use
  • Terms and Conditions apply

Deal Information

What do you do when you need to clean your kitchen but your fridge, washing machine, or dishwasher is in the way? Usually, you would have to muster up some superhuman strength to move the large appliances out of the way, carry on with cleaning and then afterwards go through the process of putting them back in their places. 
The Heavy Duty Special Base for Washing Machine and Refrigerator eliminates that problem and will make moving your large appliances around a walk in the park. It is adjustable and stretches up to 56cm x 56cm  which will accommodate most common large kitchen appliances. It's strong and durable and can hold up to 138kgs. It is made of heavy-duty anti-corrosive materials which means it will be around as long as the appliances themselves.
Give your back a break and grab the Heavy Duty Special Base for Washing Machine and Refrigerator today.


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