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Jumbo Ice Ball Tray

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R199.99 R99.99

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  • Makes six (6) 6,35cm jumbo ice balls at a time
  • See-through design and water-fill lines make perfect ice balls every time
  • Convenient built-in funnels
  • Flexible bottom for easy ice ball removal
  • Stackable design
  • Store ice balls for future use
  • BPA-free

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  • Limited number available
  • Deal applies online only
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Deal Information

The easy to use tray makes 6 jumbo ice balls that are the largest in its class, measuring 6.35cm in diameter. Jumbo Ice Ball Tray features a see-through design, built-in funnels for each cavity to allow easy filling and a water fill line so you make the perfect ice ball every time. Silicone rubber bottoms allow easy removal ice balls. No more twisting, banging, and running under water to get the ice ball out. The Jumbo Ice Ball Tray is stackable so you can make large batches and can store ice balls for when you need it.