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Unicorn Slippers

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  • Unicorn Slippers
  • These Unicorn slippers are sure to keep your feet cosy and warm. Made from plush cotton, they feel wonderfully soft against the skin. The perfect pair for chilling and relaxing.
  • Its only One Size - Fits from 5 - 8
  • This product comes in multiple colours. However, the colour which you order is strictly dependent on availability of that colour.
  • In the event that the colour which you order is unavailable, without contacting you, we will, at our discretion, send the next available colour to you. By purchasing this product, you agree to this terms of purchase.
  • Allow 10 days for delivery

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Deal Information

Stay magical. Featuring a plush body with rainbow mane and gold horn, these unicorn slippers are perfect for any dreamer!

Add magic to your morning when you snuggle into a pair of Unicorn Slippers.

These ultra-cozy padded slippers look like adorable unicorns.

These whimsical mythical creatures’ multi-colored mane and tail, along with their gleaming golden horn, will surely still brighten your day.



Unicorn Slippers are fun and colorful additions to your loungewear. The rainbow mane stands up like a magical mohawk, and the horn (while not known to contain the healing properties of myth) is made of shiny gold fabric. Slip them on and whisk yourself to a kingdom far away… or at least to the kitchen to get coffee.

Getting cozy is about feeling warm inside and out. Nothing gives you that delightful warm feeling like an adorable fairy tale creature, and nothing keeps you warm like a plush pair of padded slippers. Let your feet lounge in the hug of these cute critters while you relax at the end of the day.