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  • Supports items up to 270kg.
  • Adjustable: can be adjusted to a maximum length of 182cm
  • 15cm wide
  • Wide handles for ideal comfort
  • Helps with posture and to prevent back injuries when carrying heavy objects
  • Allow 10 days for delivery

The Fine Print

  • •Limited number available
  • •Deal applies online only
  • •For product queries email:
  • •Picture is a display of use
  • •Terms and Conditions apply

* All orders placed on or before the 11th December 2019 will be delivered before Christmas and orders after the 11th December 2019 will be delivered in the second week of January 2020

Deal Information

Clever Carry is a product designed to assist people in carrying heavy items, even if they're alone and have nobody to help. It consists of a long and quite wide microfiber belt with a large handle on either end.

Alone or with another person, you can slide Clever Carry under anything you want to carry - furniture or heavy boxes, for example - and it will support the weight. This product is capable of supporting objects that weigh up to 270 KG.



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