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Assorted Humidifier With LED

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  • Uses Nano atomization to purify air and moisturize the skin.
  • You can also experience colorful breathing with it's LED light.
  • Perfect for winter when the air is dry
  • Low noise when operational
  • Small size makes it perfect for any setting

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  • Deal applies online only
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Deal Information

When we use air conditioning for a long time or in winter, our body is prone to dry skin with the lack of moisture in the air, which means our body needs to replenish water. With this air humidifier you can alleviate this problem with the delicate moisturizing it provides to your skin. It also provides a great atmosphere with the coloured breathing LED light to and modern design.

Deer Antler Humidifier - Pink

Deer Antler Humidifier - White


Bunny Ears Humidifier - Pink


Bunny Humidifier with LED - White

Orb Humidifier - Dark Wood




Humidifier - Light Wood

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